SafeCrawl™ Baby Knee Pads

Babies are developing at super speeds. Their muscles grow and their curiosity grows - putting them in danger of knocks, bumps, and cuts from your floor.


Your developing infant shouldn't have to worry about rough floors, splinters or stones you've brought in on your shoes. SafeCrawl™ Baby Knees Pads are a must-have for your baby, protecting their sensitive knees from damage while they eagerly explore.

The improved grip aids muscle development and encourages crawling - getting your baby onto their feet quicker than ever.

Made of cotton and spandex blend, the baby knee protector pads are soft and fitting -making crawling more comfortable for your baby. The stretchy material allows your baby to continue to grow into them until they learn to walk!




  • Protect your babies' knees against bumps and scrapes while they begin to explore their new world.
  • Soft and gentle cotton blend, providing your little one with comfortable crawling.
  • Hypoallergenic material means it's free of allergens and won't irritate your babies' sensitive skin.
  • Help your baby learn to walk FASTER! Silicone grips for less slipping and more muscle development.
  • A perfect unique gift for your baby or a soon to be mums!


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