The Safest And Most Beneficial way to help your little one through teething 


When your baby is teething, their gums feel sore and they feel a natural instinct to massage them. Unfortunately, this means they use their hands... so their hands are in their mouths all the time, creating a terrible bacterial environment. Plus, their fingers can get blisters, and their saliva irritates their skin.

Amazing Benefits:

  • Stimulates Motor Skills.
  • Secures to baby's hand allowing an infant to provide teething relief to him/herself while simultaneously preventing gagging, need for constant parental assistance, and dropping of the teether.
  • Easy access placing Mittens on/off.
  • It combines both medical food-grade silicone and 100% cotton material together to better aid in the relief of aching gums.
  • Deter sucking of finger or thumb in the future.

Our Teething Mitten is the very best solution for this! It's completely safe and still lets the baby do what they want. The part that attaches to your babies' hand is absorptive but also breathable fleece to keep it cool, and the velcro attaches securely but very comfortably. They will never drop it on the ground!

Never have to worry about your babies' hands being in their mouth all the time with our safe and fun solution! 

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